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Getthursday Dating App: The marketing Angle That Will Blow Your Mind

Getthursday is a dating app that recently launched. It’s an app where users can go on double dates organized by the app’s team. This article details the marketing strategy that Getthursday implemented to help it stand out. Getthursday, a dating application, has identified a gap in the market and launched an interpersonal dating service that was missing from the digital landscape.

Getthursday also knows how to use its marketing strategy to build brand recognition and loyalty among its target audience of Millenials who use mobile apps often for social interaction. Here’s why:

How Getthursday uses its marketing strategy to build brand recognition

Brand recognition is the percentage of people who are able to recognize a brand name. In order for a brand to achieve top-of-mind status, it must achieve high levels of brand recognition. The first and most important way that Getthursday uses its marketing strategy to build brand recognition is by leveraging strategic partnerships. Getthursday’s strategic partnership with Tinder has helped it build brand recognition by being featured in Tinder’s articles, product blog posts, and even a video on Tinder’s website.

By partnering with Tinder, Getthursday has been able to reach a huge audience of potential users. Additionally, the partnership has given Getthursday brand recognition within the dating app space as well. Therefore, users who are looking to download a dating app will likely recognize the name and choose to download Getthursday over the competition.

Image recognition is another way that Getthursday uses its marketing strategy to build brand recognition. Getthursday has created an image of itself as a friendly, fun, and approachable dating app. For example, the app’s first billboard featured a group of smiling people dressed in colorful T-shirts with the app’s name written on the board above them. This billboard, which is located in a highly trafficked area in the middle of New York City’s Times Square, does not have a typical dating app image. Instead, it features a group of happy people enjoying life. This billboard conveys that Getthursday is an app that is approachable and friendly. This billboard has been one of Getthursday’s most effective marketing tools when it comes to building brand recognition.

The importance of great design in digital marketing

The importance of design in digital marketing is that it directly affects user experience. If the app has a poor user experience, then it’s going to have poor retention. Getthursday has done an excellent job of putting quality design at the forefront of its marketing strategy. The app’s homepage is clean and practical. Users can tell that the team behind Getthursday has put great thought into what features make the most sense for their users.

In addition to excellent design, Getthursday has also put a high priority on having a great user experience. For example, the app’s user onboarding process is clean, simple, and straightforward. It does not ask users to provide too much information. Instead, it asks users to provide just enough information to build a profile and connect with other users.

An exclusive membership as a means to build recognition and loyalty

Getthursday is a dating app that organizes double dates for its members. The app’s team selects two single users who want to go on a date and supplies the date location and date idea. Users then pay a monthly membership fee. This is a brilliant marketing strategy because Getthursday has created an exclusive membership that users can’t get if they join one of the app’s competitors.

This membership gives Getthursday a unique selling proposition, which can help it rise above other dating apps. Another way that Getthursday has used this membership to build recognition and loyalty is by creating a sense of exclusivity around it.

For example, the app has created a limited number of subscriptions. Users who miss out on one of these subscriptions are less likely to be able to join the app’s dating service because the membership is exclusive.

Using its users as walking ads

Another way that Getthursday has used its marketing strategy to build brand recognition is by encouraging its users to use the app and broadcast the app’s name. The app’s team has encouraged its users to use the app’s social media integration to promote the app. Users can post their experiences on the app to their preferred social media channels. This helps Getthursday in two ways. First, it helps build recognition among its users. And second, it helps the app’s team collect data that they can use to improve the app.

Wrapping up

The Getthursday dating app is one that is worth paying attention to. This is because the app has successfully implemented a marketing strategy that has helped it to gain brand recognition. The app has partnered with Tinder, invested in great design, created an exclusive membership, encouraged its users to use the app and promote it, and leveraged many other marketing strategies to build brand recognition.

These marketing strategies have helped Getthursday rise above the competition and become a dating app that is worth downloading.

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